Xavier McKeever

Demo Athlete
World Cup Athlete, World Junior Medalist

Hi, my name is Xavier McKeever and I hail from Canmore, Alberta. I currently ski with the Alberta World Cup Academy and represent the Canadian National Ski Team.

I was born into a family of ski enthusiasts; both of my parents were Olympic athletes in the sport. My journey in cross-country skiing commenced when I was just two years old, and I participated in my first race at the age of five.

Initially, skiing was a means for me to channel my abundant energy. However, this changed in 2010. Witnessing my father, Robin McKeever, guide my visually impaired uncle, Brian McKeever, during the 2010 Paralympics in Vancouver, ignited a passion in me. This experience inspired me to pursue cross-country skiing professionally and strive for the pinnacle of success in the sport.

Since then, I have set ambitious goals for myself and dedicate myself to rigorous daily training to achieve them. My international skiing career has led me to compete in five World Junior Championships, one World Senior Championship, and several World Cup races.

I feel fortunate to embrace the athlete lifestyle, where skiing is not just a passion but also my profession. Beyond skiing, I relish spending time with friends, engaging in various sports, and enjoying the great outdoors, which perhaps explains my fondness for disc golf.

In recent years, I’ve cultivated a deep appreciation for culinary arts. I find joy in experimenting with cooking and have a penchant for exploring new restaurants and savoring diverse culinary styles. One of my enduring passions is aviation. Fascinated by airplanes since childhood, I love to travel and fly, and I aspire to acquire my private pilot license someday.

Looking forward to seeing you on the trails!