Customer Reviews

I am amazed by the quality of your teaching! This site is a treasure. Thank you for all the work you have put into it. The balanced ski video to address walking feet was so helpful to me. That little manoeuvre you teach to correct it so right on! I always struggle with fatigue even pain at ankle flexors and have been kinda squirming around in my technique to handle this. Your progression gave me so many useful reference points. I also need to work on my flexibility and strength and I look forward to exploring those areas of your site too.

A HUGE thank you for creating such great videos and analysis and the web platform. As a skier who grew up when skating was just starting I developed some habits which, while probably correct for their time, have not aged well and have been extremely difficult to break. Your videos have really helped me improve in both skate and classic. It’s been so much fun (and occasionally frustrating) learning the modern techniques from your videos.

I've been able to quickly implement the techniques & drills in your videos, with an immediate payoff. Nordic Ski Lab is by far the best online resource I've found for advancing my Nordic skills. I recommended Nordic Ski Lab to all my skiing buddies. You guys are doing a fantastic job - Nordic Ski Lab rocks!

I wish the NY climate was more cooperative with my love for nordic skiing but this site helps me find ways to engage with that love in when the snow is not around. Great work by you and your team!

I've been using NSL almost daily, and my wife and I both love it. The information is clearly presented and easy to understand. Thanks so much for the work you and your friends at NSL have put into the lessons and website. It surpasses by far anything else I have been able to find online.

I love the site. It has changed my classic ski completely and improved my one-skate far better than any lessons I have taken. So...thank you! Skiing is more enjoyable because of your work.

I just want to say that your website has meant a tremendous amount to me. I am a life long skier who always struggled with skating technique, despite skiing Division 1 in college. Now I understand the forces involved and consider myself a good skate skier. I don’t know of another site that communicates skiing as well as yours, including the Norwegian videos!

What a treasure-trove of information! Nice job, and thanks for filling a niche that needed to be filled!

Explanations like this are what brought me to Nordic Ski Lab in the first place. I’ve never seen clearer explanations for many of the things you present here, and I’ve always found them to be extremely valuable for my own technique progression!

I appreciate your site and have found the content really helpful. Frankly it's just got kind of a cool and friendly vibe, which I also enjoy. It's nice to subscribe to something on the internet that isn't completely impersonal. 🙂

The Nordic Ski Lab crew has done a tremendous job on this website. I’m so grateful for the careful attention, effort and time they put into everything. I’m grateful for everything - from the demos, lectures on healthy movement, drills, the blog... everything is thorough and of excellent quality. You have such a wonderful gift for breaking things down and explaining them! Thanks so very much!

I'm enjoying discovering all the content you and your team have provided for us. I was so excited, I shared your wonderful member videos with some of my fellow XC ski coaches. They were impressed with your well-balanced approach to critiques. As coaches, we always want to learn about new techniques, philosophies, and better ways to communicate. Your site has been very helpful. Thanks for all your hard work!

Nordic Ski Lab has exceeded my expectations. First, I love the personalities of the coaches. The sincerity and willingness to explore what really works on snow is refreshing. Second, I learned something that has helped me to a breakthrough in my skiing. Even if I learn nothing more, every penny has been worth it, and I will recommend you to my fellow coaches and athletes. Nordic Ski Lab rocks!

I really like your website. I'm a PSIA level 3 instructor, USSA level 100 certified coach. I find your video analysis and teaching explanations so helpful to my own development as a skier and an instructor.

Many thanks to all for your work: an amazingly energetic concept that was professionally executed and very helpful. In the Methow Valley we have access to excellent personal coaching, but not to videos that can match your work. Having the opportunity to review, and review, and review again the movement patterns with your lucid commentary is priceless.

Great job on the website and presentations/videos.....I think they're the best on the web.

I really enjoy the deconstruction of technique. The description of how to do things and what I need to be aware of is excellent.

I've been working on skating technique two seasons now. Your website make me understand so much more than before. I've improved a lot in just two weeks, and it makes skiing much more fun. Thank you!

Is my Nordic Ski Lab membership helping me get results? Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes! I came to the website as a novice and am already passing people on the trail. I've just started out on this skate skiing adventure and am loving how you demonstrate the technique for me to apply to my first steps (as it were!). So far, I've found that I need to improve my balance and trust in myself to shift my weight fully onto the ski. Your drills and courses are really helping! And those rare times that the satisfying glide actually happens have me hooked!

It is amazing how much I have learned about technical skiing compared to when I first started skiing. The thing you guys did was give me so much valuable information in such a short period of time that I feel like I learned everything that I needed to know about the technical aspect of Nordic skiing - more than I learned in my nearly 20 years of cross-country skiing experience. If Nordic Ski Lab had existed 20 years ago, I would definitely have many races under my belt and I probably would be teaching skiing at the local ski center. I feel that this site will get me where I want to be much sooner than I thought possible. You have helped me a lot and I look forward to continuing to learn more and more from everyone and everything on this site into the future.

I am constantly logging onto your site and reading everything posted. I teach both skate and classic to beginners and early intermediate skiers. I gain a lot of positive input from the site that I directly apply to my teaching. I must have played and replayed each of your instructional videos 20-30 times, trying to hang on every word and squeeze something new each time. I remain ever more impressed with the three of you…centred around a light-hearted and sort of casual approach to a very complicated sport, and even more complicated role of trying to explain it…the combination works really well for me. I am entirely impressed with your remake of an earlier video. This is exactly what all instructors or students of Nordic should do. Techniques change and probably always will, and we need to be un-presumptuous and unassuming in showing that we can always improve…bravo on that! I really like the overall approach to delivery of everything you have accomplished..incredible video, very clear, thoughtful and polite (kindness always come to mind!) and truly expert commentary, effective use of Coach’s Eye app, which I am trying to emulate. Through the high level of thoughtfulness of the subject and audience, you have shown that you truly and deeply care about helping us enjoy and grow with this life-long sport. The only thing you could do better is keep doing what you're doing!

Excellent videos, brilliantly presented.... the informative content is having me look at my ski technique thru fresh eyes. Please keep it coming!!

I have really enjoyed your videos. There are others out there on the internet, but I have not found them very helpful and felt they were always missing some key piece of information. Your instruction has been much easier to put into practice. I find the website incredibly helpful and loaded with information. I need more time to explore it, which hopefully I will have this week over the holidays. I think you're doing an amazing job, and I definitely am getting my money's worth. I love the site!

These guys make you see technical details that you don't see by yourself watching World Cup videos. After watching their offset video, I quickly realized some flaws in my technique, applied them and immediately saw massive improvement in my weekly uphill intervals.

I find the website incredibly helpful and loaded with information. I need more time to explore it, which hopefully I will have this week over the holidays. I think you're doing an amazing job, and I definitely am getting my money's worth. I love the site!

The key to improvement is my studying your site each day.

The technique analyses at Nordic Ski Lab covers high level fundamentals that resulted in practical improvements to my efficiency. Even though I have gathered a lot of tricks and feelings through my 35 years of skiing experience, this recent viewing has really helped me putting the pieces together. To my knowledge there is no equivalent site giving access to such in-depth analysis of XC ski technique, and oriented towards practical improvements.

Thank you so much for your wonderful techniques/training website! It is one of the best sport technique sites I have experienced and the annual subscription price is amazing. I decided to try skate skiing this winter after a failed attempt years ago. A friend suggested your site. You have helped me improve quickly, and I’m even starting to get the hang of V2 - one skate. Thanks!

I absolutely love your website. I am big nordic ski fan and love improving my technique. Your videos are great and I have looked at many websites with instructions videos and explainers but they don’t get near to you guys. Well done and thanks from Switzerland!

I just wanted to send you a huge thanks for your website! I’m an Elite Pro level road and cyclocross racer and I just started skate skiing this year. I was blasting away mega mileage, skate skiing with a terrible "club offset technique”. It kind of worked as I was able to ski fairly fast for 2-3 hours, but I noticed the beauty of a nice glide in other skiers and realized that my skiing had to change. So I got some help from friends and they turned me on to your website. Joining Nordic Ski Lab is the best money I’ve ever spent! I'm watching video, understanding the concepts and implementing the tips, over and over. The content is great, it's really helping me understand what the goal of the movements are! Even though I'm coming to the sport late, I feel as though I have the advantage of leaning it properly. It's so fun to be new at something and see progress. I’ve been racing bikes so long, and at a local level there's always a pressure to win, it's liberating to learn something new and see improvement.

The service provided by Nordic Ski Lab is excellent! I am a long-time (30+yrs) classic ski style skier, having learned when I lived in Alaska in the 1980's. This year, I decided to learn skate style. A half-day clinic got me started. I went out a couple weeks later and quickly exhausted myself. After I watched several of your tutorials I skated about 20 km over two days. I found myself covering more distance faster and with less effort. I also watched some of the classic advanced lessons and incorporated some of that in my ~50 km classic skiing this weekend. So, for me the $33 investment for access to this resource for a year has already paid off! Kudos on putting together such a great resource!

Nordic Ski Lab is awesome! I feel like I’m skiing better already. The Offset (V1) info and videos have solved many of my technique questions. It’s clear that you have a passion for the sport, helping others improve, and digging deeper into the thinking and even philosophy of nordic technique.

Nordic Ski Lab is a treasure trove of extraordinarily useful material that has helped ignite my newfound passion for this wonderful sport! I now understand the mechanics underlying good skating technique and that has made all the difference. I appreciate the insightful, science-based commentary and find the points made in the videos translate directly into actionable items on the snow. I have to compliment your entire team on the quality of the material and its online organization, and particularly appreciate the fact that repeated demonstration of each technique is included in each video clip. Seeing each technique demonstrated from different angles is also helpful, particularly for visually-oriented learners like myself. Thanks for taking the time to deliver a personal touch to my new membership. You should be very proud of the service you’re providing.

Your site is my new favourite thing on the Internet. I'm telling all my ski buddies.

I just bought my first set of skate ski gear and have started watching the introductory skate skiing videos. The videos are all awesome! Hoping for some decent snow here in Minnesota this winter. Your website is so great! Lessons in-person are good, too, but I love having videos that I can watch on my own schedule, multiple times, and take notes from.

Nordic Ski Lab videos/tutorials helped me achieve my Olympic dream - I've watched them all numerous times. (Kequyen represented Portugal in cross-country skiing at the Pyeongchang Olympics.)

I am really glad I signed up for your program. I am enjoying the videos as they break things down so I can understand, they keep reinforcing/reminding me of what will help, The videos illustrating the concepts are really helpful.

Nordic Ski Lab is truly a great website with so much knowledge for different level skiers.

I've enjoyed using the site this ski season, technique definitely feels significantly better. Fitness may be a different story for the Birkie, but I'm going to look better going slow than I did last year.

Your website provides the latest thinking on technique that is based on high calibre racing and training. Your nuanced discussions shed light on questions that I have thought of or struggled with. Much of the instruction that I receive is characterized by absolutes or platitudes. In contrast, your website provides more depth and detail. Keep up the good work!

The degree of detail in the instructional videos is far undersold. The nuances revealed in the videos would never be realized by watching YouTube videos.

Your content has been so helpful already. As a person two years into the journey of learning xc skiing and a schedule that doesn’t allow in person training, this is perfect. In fact, I wouldn’t do in person training given the quality and clarity of your coaching. Thanks for making Nordic Ski Lab a reality. Well done! The trial is a superb means of showcasing your excellent program. Look forward to using your program over this and future seasons.

I just want to thank you for your courses which have had a major impact on my skiing this year. I have improved a great deal, especially at higher speeds and in feeling comfortable. Also I am almost parallel skiing and get some strange looks from the ski lift operators when I turn up at the lift in my XC skis! Great fun and all ready I am looking forward to winter of next year.

What a wonderful job you guys are doing . I have used at least 90% of all Dryland skills, drills , etc..... My team is totally benefiting from all your expertise. Keep up the good work!

I subscribed to the Nordic Ski Lab after reviewing many of their videos last year as I began my journey as a ski coach at a public middle/high school in Vermont. I was always an avid skier but never really studied the technique enough to give others feedback on their technique. The videos last year helped me be a better skier and coach. Belonging to the Nordic Ski Lab however this year has taken my ability to help the skiers on my team to another level. The courses on technique are very thorough and use footage of skiers during the teaching and analysis. Recently we have been able to review analysis of members ski videos which has been very helpful to me as a coach. The community forum part of the site has also been very interesting and informative as skiers discuss all topics relating to Nordic skiing. I am not the most fluent technology user and the site has been very comfortable for me to use. A fantastic resource for anyone interested in Nordic skiing.

I'm the head coach for a small ski club (approx. 160 members.) I joined up Nordic Ski Lab and wasn't quite sure what to expect, but was hoping it could be a tool for coaching. In reality it is more than a tool; now that I've played around on the site for a month and a bit, I am very pleased to say it is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in cross country skiing. Some aspects I really appreciate- the video tutorials, the short video snips of Ivan and Olivia. The opportunity to have technique analyzed (though I haven't submitted one yet). I love this sport and that there are so many opportunities to learn. The membership fee is well worth it.

I feel like I have my own personal coach anywhere I go to ski! I am currently at Silverstar, BC for a week and have been watching a lesson each morning before going out for a ski. I love it!! I recommend this site for anyone who wants to become more efficient on skis. The coaches are extremely knowledgable and up to date on the latest trends in skiing.

Cross country skiing is very technical and Nordic Ski Lab is providing the latest information and analysis from a great team! Thanks!

I have access to quite a number of certified instructors and coaches, but your program fills a niche that they don't. Your videos, your top-drawer models, and your insightful and nuanced discussions have a lasting impact. In this format I can watch the segments over and over: then, they're in my head when I ski. I sensed from your early, introductory segments that this was going to be good. You've already exceeded my expectations.

I've used the site's expert advice and resources to improve my skiing performance, enjoyment and training. Your site is currently exceeding my needs.

Your tips will really help my own skiing as well as give me ideas for others. Looking forward to further content and progress!

Nordic Ski Lab has already helped me get results! I found the in depth coverage of the ski technics extremely useful! The technic analysis of some Nordic Ski Lab members on video even though not done on myself gave me so such information on what to work on to improve!

Material is thoughtful and provocative. Tutorials and critiques with Chris are great. Technique demos and explanations are great. Keep em coming!

I really like how you are spending time on the technical aspects of the various nordic techniques. It makes me much more aware of such things as body position, poling technique, etc. To early to say I am getting results that are permanent but clearly getting better results when the focus is there. I also like the use of the tablet with lines, etc. to show body positions. Very helpful. Finally, appreciate your keeping up on the advancements in technique. Keep up the good work. I have recommended the site to many of my Nordic skiing buddies.