Gift Memberships

A one year gift membership to Nordic Ski Lab costs less than $50 and includes access to all content, including:

  • Skate and classic ski technique videos,
  • Lessons, drills and expert demos,
  • Video technique analysis, and more!


How much does a gift membership cost?

Cost is $33 USD for ONE YEAR

(~$45 CAD, including GST)

Why USD? We are Canadian, but the majority of our customers are from the US and abroad.

What does a membership include?

A membership includes access to all Nordic Ski Lab videos and content.

Do gift memberships auto-renew?


When does the membership start?

The membership starts when the gift recipient signs up.

Instructions for gifting a Nordic Ski Lab membership.

1. Instructions for non-members (people who have never had a Nordic Ski Lab account)

On the registration page enter YOUR information in the sign up form. Check the "Is this a gift?" box, then complete the purchase.

Go to Step 3

2. Instructions for current or lapsed members

After logging in to the website with your username and password, go to this page:

Check the "Is this a gift?" box and complete payment.

Go to Step 3

3. Gift now or gift later

After purchase, you'll be prompted to enter an email for the gift recipient. You have 2 choices:

  1. GIFT NOW: Enter the giftee's email address. They will receive an email with a sign up link within a few minutes.
  2. GIFT LATER: Close that box without entering an email address. You will need to send the giftee the sign up link at a later date. Instructions below.
4. How to send the gift sign up link at a later date

Go to your account page and look under the "Gifts" tab. The sign up link is there. Send the sign up link to the giftee on the date you want them to receive it.

Screenshot of Account Page

What if the giftee doesn't get the email with the sign up link?

It probably means it went to their spam filter. Never fear! Just login to your Account page and check un the "Gifts" tab. You'll find the sign up link there and you can send it to them.

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