Ready to Go Training Plans for Nordic Skiers

Nordic Ski Lab’s self-directed training plans are offered through TrainingPeaks, a powerful, third party training app where you can plan, track, and analyze your training all in one place, on desktop and mobile.

All plans include access to supplemental training resources, an exercise video library and instructions on how to modify workouts if needed. (For example how to substitute one workout activity for an alternate activity.)

Get started today and see how far you can go!

Ready to Race Winter Training Plans

Get ready for race day! These 12 week training plan is designed for cross-country skiers who are preparing for a priority event, like a long distance race (25-50 km, depending on fitness and skiing ability).

Follow this program and you will see improvements in your fitness, skiing and race performance.

Training hours start at a moderate level and build over the course of 9 weeks before tapering leading into the event.

You can shorten or lengthen this plan by a 2-3 weeks. Instructions are provided in the plan.

Intermediate Plan

Competitive Plan

Training Plan FAQs

No. The plans are sold and delivered through TrainingPeaks.

You can use either a free Basic TrainingPeaks account, or pay extra for Premium. The Premium option includes additional metrics and the ability to move workouts around the calendar. If you are new to TrainingPeaks, your account will automatically start with 2 weeks of Premium at no charge.

A heart rate monitor is recommended, but not required. Training Peaks is compatible with many fitness devices. Using a fitness wearable can improve motivation and make training more interesting and enjoyable. 

Workout intensities in our plans are based on RPE, which stands for rate of perceived exertion. RPE is explained in the Additional Resources. A link to these resources is provided inside each training plan.

TrainingPeaks is compatible with hundreds of devices, mobile apps, and 3rd party Software. Please refer to the TP Help Centre for information on how the app works with your device or any other issues you may have with the app.

Our training plans include structured workouts, which upload to some fitness watches and automatically prompt you during the workout.

Please refer to TrainingPeaks documentation for more information.

All plans include unlimited access to a beautiful Exercise Video Library with bodyweight and core exercise demonstrations.

All plans include access to Nordic Ski Lab supplementary online resources. The URL to the supplementary resource page is provided in a note at the start of the training plan.

We provide instructions for determining your training zones (based on RPE), how to swap workouts, advice on injury prevention, access a video library with core and bodyweight exercises, and more!

The strength workouts use bodyweight or light weights only. For heavier weightlifting, we think you should work with a trainer in real life.

If you don’t already have a TrainingPeaks account, the app will help you set one up when you buy the plan. A Basic Athlete account is free and that’s all you need. After purchase you will have the option to apply the plan to your account right away, on a specific date, or do it later. The plan is always available in your account. To access your plan:

  1. Login
  2. Click “Calendar” view along the top
  3. Click “Training Plans” on the left sidebar

Nordic Ski Lab offers a “Talk to a Coach” service. Choose your coach based on their bios or contact us for a recommendation. Learn more about the Talk to a Coach service.

Plans are sold through TrainingPeaks and subject to the TrainingPeaks refund policy. We have no control over refunds and cannot issue refunds ourselves. Get more information >>