Course Category: One Skate (V2)

“Free Skate” One Skate

Drill progression to correct a problem common in more advanced skiers where the skier’s body starts to “pull away” from the skate leg too quickly. The cue to “push all the way through” the skate push is meant to help correct this problem. This progression is another possible solution.

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The Magic Moment Drill

A small drill to help you finesse the transition between the glide and skate push in One Skate (V2). Learn how to unweight and re-weight the ski and possibly even point it in a new direction.

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Fixing Bad Timing in Good Skiers

Side by side break down and explanation of good and bad timing in One Skate, plus strategies and cues to improve timing. Bad (incorrect) One Skate timing is a widespread problem in skate skiing.

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