Serial Skate Drills

This drill is for improving One Skate (V2) in skiers who already know the basic technique. Find a loop that you can ski mostly using One Skate technique and no poles skate skiing. Make it as long as possible, but ensure you have time to ski it six times. First and final laps are standard One Skate. Think of those as before and after “pictures” of your technique. The four laps in between are each dedicated to a different drill to focus attention on various aspects of your technique, as follows:

  1. Drill 1 (lap 2): Hands on hips. Focus on sideways push, with strong edging pressure all the way through the kick.
  2. Drill 2 (lap 3): Speed Skater Arms. Focus on bringing weight fully over each ski and being well balanced on the gliding ski.
  3. Drill 3 (lap 4): Hands Behind Head (or behind hips or spread like ski jumper arms). Focus on keeping chest open and broad, without flaring the ribs.
  4. Drill 4 (lap 5): Hands on Hips: Focus on working legs through strong cycle of flexion and extension.

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Athlete Credit

Tom Stephen of Calgary, Alberta.

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