Michelle Deacon

Guest Athlete
BComm, NCCP CCI, NCCP Coach Developer, CANSI 4

My name is Michelle Deacon and I’m a Canadian ski coach, ski instructor and NCCP coach developer. 

Thanks to some active parents, movement and the outdoors have always been solidly rooted in my core. Innate curiosity led me to participate in many sports, but the simultaneous exhilaration, peace and graceful dance of skiing captivated me.

Through movement, I’ve experienced freedom, pride and confidence with skill mastery, diverse emotions that come with competition, and camaraderie with team, training buddies and friends.  

A passionate believer in “Active for Life”, I get jazzed seeing the positive impact physical activity and literacy can have on a person’s health, confidence and overall wellness. That observation became more acute when I began my ski coaching journey about 15 years ago, first coaching children in skill development and ski-at-school programs.

Committed to learning, I continuously refresh my skills and acquire credentials in the Canadian coaching and instruction certification streams for cross country skiing and multi-sport contexts – and regularly apply my skills with athletes and participants in Masters and youth ski and dryland programs. I am also a Coach Developer, supporting new coaches as they begin their journeys. 

Although an Olympic podium will likely elude many of us, every person can strive to ski like the best! 

Michelle stars in our completely free collection of Dynamic Stretching videos (for dryland training).