Supplemental Resources

Did you buy a Nordic Ski Lab training plan through the TrainingPeaks app? Thank you for your purchase and congratulations on making a commitment to yourself, your health and well being.

Here are some additional resources to help you get more from your training plan.

Happy Training! 💙

Exercise Videos

Refer to these videos for demonstrations of various exercises. You will use these exercises in your Circuit Training Workouts.

Ski Walking Lesson

Ski walking and other off-snow “with poles” workouts are popular training activities for cross country skiers. This is an excellent option when you need to swap out a workout because of a lack of snow.

Balance Drills

Balance drills are not part of your training plan, but we encourage you to make balance practice part of your daily or weekly routine.

TrainingPeaks Help Centre

TrainingPeaks is a powerful app with many features that can save you time and keep you motivated. Check out their extensive documentation to learn what’s possible.

Is your wearable device (e.g. fitness watch or heart rate monitor) connected to the app? Do your workouts upload and synch to your plan automatically? Do your workouts automatically load to your daily calendar? All that, and more, is possible.