V2-One Skate: Where to put the emphasis

A common problem in V2-One Skate is to overemphasize the glide phase and to “swim” up onto the glide ski, leading with the chin and chest.

The skier pauses unnecessarily in the standing position, which is unstable and wastes time. The leg should be continually working through a cycle of flexion and extension, not getting “stuck” in a straight position.

Instead of accentuating the glide, put the emphasis on the pole push, which will help you ski straighter, be more powerful and avoid the problem of excessive glide.

Think more about a powerful, downward action with your poles and less about gliding. Notice the difference this makes to the positioning of the head, chest and shoulders.

This lesson was filmed at the Canmore Nordic Centre, March, 2018.

Athlete Credit

Annika Hicks, born 1991, racing with the Alberta World Cup Academy. Notable results and career highlights at the time of filming:

  • 26th 15km Skiathlon Peyongchang World Cup 2017
  • 47th in the Ski Tour Canada, 2016
  • Becoming Junior National Champion in front of a home crowd in Canmore 2011
  • Represented Canada at World Junior Championships and U23’s in 2011, 2012, and 2013

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