V2-One Skate Movement Progression

Course Overview:

This is a movement progression that teaches positions and movements which are similar to those used in V2-One Skate.

  • Beginners can use these exercises to learn the basic movement patterns for V2-One Skate. This is a terrific way to fast track skill development and get maximum benefit from your time on snow.
  • More advanced skiers can use these exercises to check their positions and challenge their strength, stability and balance in ways that should benefit their skate skiing.​​

Athlete Credit

Dominique Moncion-Groulx, born 1993, racing with the Alberta World Cup Academy. Notable results at the time of recording:

  • 1st (qualifier and heats), 2017 Canadian Eastern Championships, Classic sprint
  • 1st qualifier, 3rd heats, 2017 Canadian Westerns Championships, Skate sprint
  • 3rd 2016-2017 Buff Sprint NorAm series
  • 5th 2016-2017 Haywood NorAm series
  • Representing Québec at the 2015 Canada Winter Games in Prince George and winning a silver medal in the relay