Time Challenge

Goal:  Skiers try to surpass their furthest effort in a timed repeat.  Double poling is best.    

Players: 4 – 10

Equipment: Varied terrain, two start cones and one cone for each skier.  A stopwatch.    

Setup:  Mark start line with two cones.  Skiers line up behind the start line.

Rules:  Coach starts the stopwatch and calls “go” while calling out the seconds.  Skiers ski until coach says “stop” at agreed upon time in which skiers freeze.  The coach marks the stopping spot with a cone.  The skiers re-start to repeat moving the cone forward or back as their distance changes.      

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank to all of the athletes from the Fondeurs Laurentides cross country ski club for their time and enthusiasm in participating in the creation of these videos, filmed in the Laurentians north of Montreal, Quebec.

Credits: This course was produced in partnership with Nordiq Canada and was filmed spring 2019 in Québec.

Coach: Stephen Novosad, Coach Development Manager, Nordiq Canada.