Thin Roll Tutorial – upper back

The practice of Critical Alignment Therapy and Yoga was pioneered by the visionary, Gert van Leeuwen. The many benefits of this work include:

  • Improved posture and alignment.
  • Full body mobility, especially through the many, many joints in the spine, ribs, hips and shoulders.
  • Decreased tension and improved sense of well being.
  • Improved movement patterns that translate to skiing and all aspects of life.

To take advantage of these videos and follow along at home, you’ll need a yoga mat, a yoga blanket and a spinal strip. Do not substitute other props for these items.

Where to Buy a Spinal Strip

If you live in the Calgary area, buy in person at the Back to Mobility studio. Email or call first to set up a time. Join a class, if you can.

USA or Canada, purchase a spinal strip HERE>>>

Outside of the USA and Canada, purchase a spinal strip HERE>>>

Where to Buy a Yoga Blanket

Potential sources for yoga blankets:

None of these are affiliate links.

Teacher Credit

Danielle Pechie is one of Calgary’s most renowned senior yoga teachers and massage therapists. With more than 32 years experience, Danielle is an expert in yoga, critical alignment therapy and critical alignment yoga, biomechanics and anatomy. Danielle teaches in Calgary at the Back to Mobility Studio.


You can get a lot of benefit by simply relaxing on the props. I have provided free tutorial videos that will teach you how to get on and off the props properly. The at-home practice videos will help you use the props more skillfully, teach you healthy and optimal movement patterns and help improve both flexibility and strength. The at-home practice videos are available with an XC Ski Nation membership.