The Fox & the Squirrels

Goal:  Tag

Players:  7 or more

Equipment: Large stadium marked by four cones.   10 or more extra cones in pairs to create “trees”. 

Setup:  In the stadium, randomly set up pairs of cones as “trees” with one fewer tree than there are skiers.  Trees are safe zones where the fox cannot capture squirrels.  

Rules:  Designate one Fox or tagger and start the game.  The skier/squirrel without a tree must dodge around other skier’s trees to evade the fox.  The free squirrel can gently push skiers out of their tree and take it as a safe zone forcing other skiers to dodge around trees. Tagged skiers become foxes.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank to all of the athletes from the Fondeurs Laurentides cross country ski club for their time and enthusiasm in participating in the creation of these videos, filmed in the Laurentians north of Montreal, Quebec.

Credits: This course was produced in partnership with Nordiq Canada and was filmed spring 2019 in Québec.

Coach: Stephen Novosad, Coach Development Manager, Nordiq Canada.