Skate Ski Warm Up Routine

Practice these 4 drills for 5-10 minutes before heading out onto the ski trails. It will limber you up and improve your balance and coordination.

In the classic tracks (if available):

  1. Flexion and Weight Shift Drill: Flex up and down while taking occasional pole pushes to keep gliding forward. As you glide down the track, shift your weight from ski to ski. Spreading your toes and soften and sink into the insole of the boot. Limber up the ankles and get some movement through the hips and knees. Be springy. Bring your weight forward more towards the forefoot.
  2. “Jabbing Elbows” Double Poling: Keep the arms bent and forcefully jab the elbows back to help warm up and activate the shoulders.

On the flats:

  1. Figure 8 – Power Pushes
  2. Figure 8 – Quick Feet

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