Postural Positioning in Skate Skiing: Part 1

Course Overview:

Who is this drill for?

This drill is appropriate for skiers at all levels. It’s a gentle and easy way for a beginner to experience early success in skate skiing.

This kind of basic posture and position work is done by high level skiers as well. In fact, Chris first started using this drill with one of his athletes, who is a member of the Canadian National Team.

Where to do it?

Begin at home, in front of a mirror. When you take it out on snow, look for a very slight downhill slope. The terrain is best if it’s almost flat.

What is the benefit?

Posture and position forms the basis of everyone’s ski technique – no matter what your level. Posture work is never “done”.

We can all benefit from this sort of slow and mindful skiing exercise. It improves our balance, posture and body awareness.

Note: there’s a short, downloadable video file you can take with you onto the snow. Look in the sidebar.

Coach Credit

Chris Jeffries, Olympian and High Performance Director of one of Canada’s National Training Centres, is one of the three founding coaches of XC Ski Nation.