How to Make Offset (🇺🇸 V1) Easier

Sometimes, especially on very steep hills, you can start to feel like your skis are grinding to a halt. What happens is that more and more pressure goes into the front part of the ski, where the shape of the ski presses down into the snow more. That causes the ski to stop gliding as easily.

You can compensate for that problem by making several adjustments and adapting your technique for maximum ease of effort.

  • Adjust the torso more upright. (Don’t lean forward too much because that puts extra weight into the tips.)
  • Try to feel more weight in the heels so the front of the skis are less heavily weighted.
  • Shorten the leg push range of motion. End the kick before the ski has a chance to come to a stop.
  • Add a “toe flick” motion at the end of the push to ensure the ski is gliding forward all the way through the end of the push.