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Top Safety Tips

Cross-country skiing is often touted as a “safe” sport, but that’s a misrepresentation. It’s relatively safe, but it’s still possible to get injured.

Downhills are particularly troublesome, even for experienced alpine skiers. These tips help:

  • Widen your base of support, by widening your foot placement. Step out of the tracks if need be. Feet can be wider than your shoulders, but should feel comfortable.
  • Lower your centre of gravity. Flex at the ankle, knee and hip joints and spread your weight evenly across the bases of your feet. Avoid the tendency to bend only at the hips or waist.
  • Hands in front and wider than shoulders.
  • Joints slightly flexed and relaxed.
  • On classic skis, step out of the tracks well before the downhill to make it easier to snowplow. Do a quick shoulder check so you don’t block a skier approaching from behind.

Key Skills

On every ski outing, practice:

  • Sudden stops,
  • Picking up your feet,
  • Quick turns and,
  • Stepping in and out of the tracks every time you ski.


Helpful Articles:

Work through these skills, in this order: