Fixing Bad Timing in Good Skiers

Side by side breakdown of “good” and “bad” timing in One Skate will show you what to look for and help you understand what you need to do to improve your One Skate timing.

Suggested Strategies and Cues to Improve Timing

  1. Speed up the hands – shorten the distance the hands travel and quicken the return time at the back of the pole stroke. Refer to “Elastic Elbows” and “Quick Hands – Double Pole Timing Drill”
  2. “Knee to Ski” cue – flex the knee to the ski at the start of the pole stroke to help maintain position over the glide ski.
  3. Stay Low – exaggerate the time spent on a bent leg at the start of the glide. Try not to straighten the leg too quickly.
  4. Look! Look for the hands in front of your shoulders and the ski still hanging wide.
  5. Think of gathering together the hands ad the leg under the body at the moment just before you are going to plant the ski poles.

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Suggested Courses

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