Double Poling Basics

In-depth breakdown of double pole technique.

Topics and Timestamps

2:30 quick hand turn around

6:00 create space between poles and body

9:00 reference to Double ole Preparation Phase lesson found here.

10:45 initiation of pole plant and how far to extend pole push

11:25 “The Crunch” and why we don’t use this cue

17:00 front view: elbow position relative to sides of body. Importance of neutral spine and keeping the elbows down

20:20 review of mechanics with Ivan’s video

23:00 using speed to “create time” during the recovery swing to allow for better body repositioning

26:00 “vroom, vroom” audio cue in rollerskiing to emphasize maintaining speed

27:40 front view of Ivan, looking at elbow position

29:30 the “scootch” and the importance of moving the skis forwards. See also this drill.