Double Pole Coupling Drill

The purpose of this drill is to practice double pole technique with different recovery timings. You need a level track and 2 cones. Start several metres back from the first cone. Double pole to the first cone using a “coupled” or “sprint style” of double pole timing (hand, hips and shoulders recover all at the same time). That aggressive style of double poling will help you build up speed so that when you reach the first cone you can switch to a more relaxed “cruising” style of timing, where the shoulders float up before the hands. Continue until you reach the next cone and then switch back to the first, “coupled style”.

The goal is to become proficient at changing your timing to suit different situations and objectives. You can use a gradient in your timing; it’s doesn’t have to be starkly coupled or uncoupled, but practicing the two extremes will help you learn to vary your timing as needed.

To learn more, please watch The Double Pole Spectrum.

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