There’s a lot of nuance to the kick in diagonal stride. In fact, the word “kick” really doesn’t do the movement justice. It’s a challenging skill for everyone – even the best skiers continually work to improve the efficiency of their diagonal stride kick.

Topics and Timestamps:

0:00 Clarifying the term “kick”

2:00 Weight Transfer and Glide

8:50 Start of Kick

11:00 End of Kick, start of extension (follow through)

11:50 Late Kick

12:50 Shin Angle

15:08 Foot Recovery

24:00 Chris discusses the cue “Stand up” as it’s used for steep diagonal stride and why he no longer uses this cue.

This was one of the most challenging lesson for us to make, so please feel free to ask any questions you might have after watching the video and we’ll do our best to provide clarification. As Chris says in the video, this will make more sense once we start working on snow.