Diagonal Stride Explained

Course Overview:

Diagonal stride has the distinction of being both the easiest and the most difficult of all nordic ski techniques. That’s a subjective statement, but I think you’ll find it’s a widely held belief among nordic skiers. It’s diagonal stride that gives cross-country skiing it’s reputation of being an “easy” sport, at least to the uninitiated, because you really can just walk on your skis and have fun.

Diagonal stride is also the technique that offers the greatest amount of technical nuance and challenge, which is another reason to love it. If you like to challenge yourself and continually look for subtle improvements in your ski technique, then diagonal stride offers you endless possibilities for experimentation.

There’s a lot of information to digest in this course, especially when you get to the Kick lesson. If you start to feel like it’s a bit much, just remember diagonal stride is a challenge for skiers at all levels, but it’s still widely loved. It’s complicated and difficult, but fun no matter what stage you are at.