Cloverleaf Drill

Location: a 90 degree intersection is ideal.

Ski in and out of the interchange, continually changing directions.

Beginners: learn to ski smoothly around corners, rather than just straightaways.

Experienced skiers: practice a variety of transitions and techniques, so you can learn to ski any technique in any situation. Be sure to practice both sides in Offset (V1) and Two Skate.

Coach Credit

Dasha Gaiazova-Atkins

Member of the National Ski Team from 2003 to 2014, Dasha competed in 115 World Cups, 4 World Ski Championships and 2010 and 2014 Olympic Games. Two-time World Cup medallist and 14-time Canadian Champion, Dasha was the top female Canadian skier for the last 4 years of her racing career.

After retiring from racing, Dasha has been coaching adult skiers: from beginner to competitive, with Space Dogs Ski Club in Calgary.

She speaks fluent French, English and Russian and is a NCCP-certified coach.