Getting Up After a Fall

Everyone falls at some point when cross-country skiing. Follow these steps to get up:

  1. Reorganize yourself and straighten your skis and poles. You may need to lay on your back to untangle your skis. If you fall in deep snow you may need to unclip your skis.
  2. Face your skis parallel to one another and across the hill. Do not try to get up with your skis pointing up or down a hill.
  3. Bring your upper body forward, ahead of your feet, then stand up.


Oh dear, I seem to have fallen. It’s not a big deal. You’re going to fall a ton when you’re learning to ski. The important thing is to realize how to get up properly.

A lot of people will – when they want to get up – point their skis down the slope and try and stand up like this. And they’re just going to, like, slide away. That’s something you definitely don’t want to do.

The key to standing up on xc skis is to first get all your arms and legs sorted out. I like to do this by laying on my back and kind of just making sure that everything is, like, in it’s right place.

Then you’re going to want to roll over so that your skis are facing across the hill so when you stand up you won’t just slide away. Now you can try and start to get up. A lot of the time people will try to stand up and kind of fall back like that.

So a really good method to get up is to actually kind of grab your skis – stay on your hands and knees. Then once you’re on your hands and knees like this, then simply stand up, as opposed to standing up before being on your hands and knees.