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We’re a membership site for cross-country skiers aspiring to ski with greater ease and efficiency, mirroring the styles of Olympic athletes.

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100+ Technique Videos

Learn in a visual way.

Nordic Ski Lab members get access to hundreds of beautiful instructional videos, organized into demos, drills, explainers, analysis videos and more.

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Connect with skiers and coaches from around the world in the member-only Community Forum.

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No matter where we ski, we share the same love of skiing. Join thousands of skiers and coaches from around the world. 🩷

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Videos for Every Skier

Beginner Lessons

Start right, so you don’t have to unlearn bad habits later.

Classic and Skate Ski Drills

Feeling stuck in a rut? Our innovative drills and cues will having you thinking and skiing in new ways.

Expert Demos

Slow motion footage of World Cup and Olympic athletes makes it easy to study the details.

Technique Explainers

Technique explainers for all major techniques, plus analysis of member-submitted videos.

Technique Analysis

You have the option to submit videos of your skiing for technique feedback. We can’t guarantee we’ll get to every video submitted, but we do our best.

And More!

We have hundreds of beautiful instructional videos, including games to play, tips for racing, downhills, turns, lane changes, roller skiing and more! You won’t run out of inspiration.

Bonus: Online Learn to Skate Ski Program

The Nordic Ski Lab® Learn to Skate Ski Program is a one-of-a-kind, step by step program that teaches all 5 skate skiing techniques. The program is included with your membership.

What Our Members Say


Is my Nordic Ski Lab membership helping me get results? Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes! I came to the website as a novice and am already passing people on the trail.


Nordic Ski Lab is a treasure trove of extraordinarily useful material that has helped ignite my newfound passion for this wonderful sport! I now understand the mechanics underlying good skating technique and that has made all the difference.


Experienced Skiers

These guys make you see technical details that you don’t see by yourself watching World Cup videos. After watching their offset video, I quickly realized some flaws in my technique, applied them and immediately saw massive improvement in my weekly uphill intervals.


I just want to say that your website has meant a tremendous amount to me. I am a life long skier who always struggled with skating technique, despite skiing Division 1 in college. Now I understand the forces involved and consider myself a good skate skier. I don’t know of another site that communicates skiing as well as yours, including the Norwegian videos!



I really like the overall approach to delivery of everything you have accomplished..incredible video, very clear, thoughtful and polite (kindness always come to mind!) and truly expert commentary, effective use of Coach’s Eye app, which I am trying to emulate.


Nordic Ski Lab has taken my ability to help the skiers on my team to another level. The courses on technique are very thorough and the skiers are excellent. The forum discussions are interesting and informative as skiers and coaches discuss all topics relating to Nordic skiing. A fantastic resource for anyone interested in Nordic skiing.