Technique and Training Program

 If you’re passionate about the sport of cross-country skiing and eager to receive personalized guidance beyond our member videos, you’ve come to the right place. The Technique and Training Program is the most comprehensive online coaching service we offer.

Members of this program get a completely custom training plan with ongoing support, along with technique instruction and feedback, in both team meetings and one-on-one video calls. You’ll see improvements to both your fitness and your skiing efficiency.

This program provides maximum support, guidance and accountability, helping you achieve your best results in the shortest time possible.


Our coaching team is small and spots are only rarely available. A few spots are now available with Coach Annika.

Coach Annika

Annika is a retired elite cross-country skier who is passionate about making high performance skiing and training more accessible. She spent many years on the National Team Development Center in Thunder Bay and on the Alberta World Cup Academy. Annika competed at multiple World Junior/U23 World Championships and World Cups for Canada.

She believes in a holistic approach to training and racing; your health, happiness, and enjoyment of the sport are key factors in meeting any performance goal you set. She is looking forward to working with you to build technical expertise, and ski specific fitness.

Annika loves sharing her technical, tactical, and training knowledge with clients through the Nordic Ski Lab Technique and Training program.

How Registration Works

  • Registration to this program opens periodically, based on demand and coach availability.
  • Registration is on a first come-first served basis and is capped at 5 participants.
  • Each coach starts with a cohort of 5 clients, who form a “Team”. Your teammates might not match you for age or gender, but they will share your commitment to self-improvement, your love of cross-country skiing, and your desire to improve technically.
  • Occasionally we may open registration to fill one or two spots, if a coach has more capacity.
  • We will announce registration to our email list. If you are a Nordic Ski Lab member (current or former) and you have not unsubscribed from our emails, then you will receive notice when we open registration.

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Training Program Waitlist

Program Details

What’s Included

The Training and Technique Program is an ongoing service that combines a personal training plan with group and one-on-one video meetings, and repeats on a 4 week schedule.

You’ll get a personal training plan, written by your coach, just for you. Training plans are delivered through the TrainingPeaks app and a premium account is included at no extra cost.

Your plan can be adjusted as often as needed and your coach is available through the TP app and via email for ongoing support and feedback.

Your training program begins with an intake survey and video chat with your coach during the 2 week orientation period. You and your coach will discuss your current situation, exercise preferences and goals and then your coach will get to work on your plan.

Following a personal training plan, is exactly what it sounds like – personal! You can be any age and your goals are whatever you want them to be. This is about you and no one else.

Training plans are updated every 2 weeks, so they can be adjusted to your life’s circumstances and progress.

Your coach will host a Team Meeting every four weeks for his or her cohort of clients (5-10 people). Meetings are by video and hosted with Google Meet. 

If you can’t join a meeting, recordings will be stored for ~4 weeks after each meeting.

You have the option to submit video for feedback during the team meetings, even if you can’t attend. Your video can be of skiing, ski striding, roller skiing, exercising etc.

The goals of team meetings are to:

  • provide video feedback,
  • discuss topics of interest (technique and training),
  • foster connections among the group, and
  •  to provide a channel for two-way communication, where you can ask questions and provide us with feedback on the program.

Meetings last 45 min – 1 hour.

Private, one-on-one 30 minute video meetings between you and your coach are also hosted with Google Meet and are held during the second 2 weeks of each 4 week block. 

Your coach will post their office hours for the one-on-one meetings each 4 week block. The days and times may vary from one 4 week block to the next.

You can use this time to talk about your training, ask questions about ski related topics, ask for advice or get private video feedback on your ski technique.

The Training and Technique Program also incudes access to a Client Resource page, with includes a Knowledge Base with articles about training and how to get more from the TrainingPeaks app.

Additionally, there’s a Exercise Video Library with quick and easy videos of various core training and plyometric exercises.

Coming soon! Training and Technique Program clients get access to a private forum space where they can connect with their teammates and members of other teams to support and learn from one another.


Registration usually opens on a Monday, which marks the start of a 2 week Orientation Period. Repeating 4 week Training Blocks begin after that.

CLICK HERE for a visual guide to the program calendar and payment schedule.

2 Week Orientation Period

  • We’ll help you set up your TrainingPeaks account and upgrade you to Premium at no extra cost.
  • We’ll set you up with a generic starter training plan and help you learn how to use the TrainingPeaks app. You can also use this time to test your heart rate monitor or other wearable, if you choose to use one.
  • After filling out your initial survey form, you’ll have a ~45 min welcome video call with your coach to discuss your current situation, exercise preferences and goals.
  • We also provide comprehensive support articles for getting the most from your training and your TrainingPeaks account.
  • Your coach is working hard behind the scenes, getting your plan ready to go.
  • Your training Plan will be delivered a few days before the start date so you have a chance to ask questions or make changes.

4 Week Training Blocks

The repeating 4 week training block period begins. There’s one Team Meeting and one One-on-one Meeting per 4 week block. Furthermore, you and your coach will stay in contact through the Training Peaks app and via email so you can ask questions and get support as needed.


Cancel anytime. Payments are non-refundable and there are no partial refunds. Prices are in USD.

$100 Initiation Fee

$325 every 4 weeks

FAQs - Payments

Please note that all payments are non-refundable.

  1. Registration opens on a Monday and the Initiation Fee is paid.
  2. Two weeks later (Monday) the first 4 week training block begins and first recurring payment is paid.
  3. 4 weeks later, the next payment is made and the next training block starts.

Charges repeat every 4 weeks. You can cancel anytime, but we appreciate as much notice as possible so we can fill your spot so your coach remains fully employed.

Prices are in USD. Non-USA customers will notice that payments may vary from month to month because of the currency exchange.

CLICK HERE for a visual guide to the program calendar and payment schedule.

Cancel anytime. You can cancel from your account page oe  or email us and we will cancel for you. Please do us a kindness and let us know as soon as you decide to cancel so we can fill your spot asap.

If you have a separate Nordic Ski Lab membership be careful to cancel the correct subscription.

Because of the on-going nature of the coach’s work, there are no refunds or partial refunds.

NSL prices are in USD because the majority of our overhead costs are in USD and the majority of our customers are international.

FAQs - Training Plans & Meetings

No. Your training plan is unique and completely customized to your needs, goals and preferences.

Yes, your coach will adjust your training plan as required. You can also drag your workouts to different days on your training plan calendar if you want to adjust your schedule for any reason, such as sleep patterns, work schedule and how you feel.

Workouts will include endurance activities like running, swimming, cycling, ski striding, roller skiing, etc. Other workouts will include core strength workouts, bodyweight or lightweight strength workouts and so on. The exact activities will be customized to your preferences and abilities.

Your plan will include core strength workouts and bodyweight or lightweight strength workouts. You’ll also get access to  video demonstrations of various exercises. Your plan will not include any heavy weightlifting. For that, we recommend you work with a trainer in a gym.

No, but we recommend that you do. It can make training more fun, improve motivation and it provides your coach with helpful information about your response to training.

No, but if you currently own or wish to purchase items on this equipment list it will expand your training opportunities.

Recommended Equipment

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Ski Striding Poles
  • Resistance Bands
  • Lightweight dumbbells (5-10lbs)
  • Medicine ball

There are multiple channels for communication between you and your coach. Most day to day communication happens through the TrainingPeaks app, where you can leave feedback about your workouts and how you are feeling. You can also email your coach and, of course talk to you coach in both Team and One-on-one Meetings.

No. A Google account is not required.

You can presubmit questions and there will be a recording available after each meeting. Recordings will be available for 4 weeks after each meeting.

You will be able to connect with your coach the next month. Due to limits on a coach’s time, One-on-one meetings cannot be carried over to the next month.

Yes. You can submit video for feedback during Team Meetings and/or One-on-one Meetings.

Your coach will provide a link to a file where you can upload videos.

No. You can if you want, and we can help you with getting started, if you’re interested.

This option is not offered through Nordic Ski Lab.