Dasha Atkins

Online Coach, Guest Athlete
Olympian, World Cup Medalist, BSc, MBA

Dasha Atkins (née Gaiazova), a celebrated athlete, represented Canada in the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympics. She’s not only a World Cup medalist but also a 14-time Canadian Ski Champion, a testament to her dedication and skill in the sport. 

After retiring from high-performance racing in 2016, Dasha began a career in financial planning, became a mother, and founded the Calgary-based ski club, Space Dogs.

Dasha has a boundless passion for coaching adult skiers and Space Dogs is renowned as one of Canada’s top clubs for masters level skiers. She is widely recognized as one of Canada’s top adult ski instructors and coaches.

When coaching, Dasha is always 100% invested in her clients progress and achieving success. She is thrilled when her clients demonstrate a higher level of skiing confidence, ski with better technique and build a more resilient mind & body.

In her role as a coach for the NSL Technique & Training Program, Dasha empowers her clients to reach new heights in fitness and skiing expertise. She guides them to surpass their perceived limits, helping them to achieve levels of proficiency they never thought possible.

Dasha loves sharing her technical, tactical, and training knowledge with clients through the Nordic Ski Lab Technique and Training program. She also appears in our Drill videos.