Learn to Skate Ski Program

Program Outline

✅ 6 Courses, 🎥 30+ video lessons, 💙 40+ hours of instruction

1 video, 9 min

This short video explains the rationale behind the design of the Nordic Ski Lab™ program. Understanding why the program is structured the way it is will allow you to customize it to your individual needs and preferences.

4 videos, 38 min

The purpose of this course is to demystify skate skiing for new skiers. No skiing or drills.
Topics include:

– 5 Skate Techniques Explained
– How Does a Skate Ski Work and Why is it Hard?
– Skate Push and Glide Explained
– How to tell Offset and Two Skate Apart (🇺🇸 How to tell V1 Skate from V2-Alternate)

8 videos, 72.5 min

The “Basic Skills” course is the foundational course for the Nordic Ski Lab ™ Learn to Skate Ski Program and includes on and off snow lessons and drills. You’ll learn 3 key skills and 2 ski techniques:

– How to push a skate ski,
– How to glide on a skate ski and
– How to do a double pole push
– Free Skate Technique
– Double Pole Technique (a classic skiing technique)

**NOTE:** After completing the “Basic Skills” course you are ready for either the “Uphill Skate 1: Learn Diagonal Skate” course and/or the “Skating on the Flats” course.

The “Uphill Skate 1” course teaches Diagonal Skate technique.

The “Skating on the Flats” course teaches how to coordinate the pole push and leg push for One Skate and Two Skate. (🇺🇸 V2 Skate and V2 Alternate)

Eventually you’ll need to learn everything, but you can tackle them in whichever order you prefer. My suggestion is to learn to skate ski uphill after completing the basic skills course.

7 videos, 28.5 min

Learn to skate up hills with the beginner-friendly technique called Diagonal Skate.

6 videos, 55 min

This course teaches how to coordinate the pole pushes and skate pushes for two techniques: One Skate and Two Skate (🇺🇸 V2 and V2-Alternate).

A good strategy is to learn One Skate first and then tackle the Uphill Skate 2 course so you can learn Offset (V1) and save Two Skate until later.

It’s true that Two Skate (V2-Alternate) is the easiest technique, but it can exacerbate the bad habit of poling on one side all the time, which ultimately is probably not very healthy for your body.)

7 videos, 43 min

Learn Offset (V1) for uphill skiing.

Offset and One Skate (🇺🇸 V1 and V2) are the major skate skiing techniques, used the majority of the time by expert skiers, so you’ll want to give those techniques a lot of attention.

(But it’s still important to learn all the skate skiing techniques.)

How to get access

The Nordic Ski Lab™ Learn to Skate Ski Program is included in the cost of a Nordic Ski Lab membership. A membership costs $33 USD per year and gives you access to the complete collection of Nordic Ski Lab skate and classic videos, including expert demos by Olympic and World Cup skiers, explainers, drills and more!