Beginner Cross Country Ski Lesson [Videos]

Step by step lessons for getting started in cross-country skiing - skate or classic style.
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Be Your Own Ski Instructor

This is a beginner cross country ski lesson plan for skate or classic skiers.

Simply follow along with these videos and you will learn the basic skills you need to cross-country ski safely on the flats and hills. 

After completing this course you will be ready to learn the skate or classic-specific cross-country ski techniques.

  • Level: Beginner
  • Prerequisite: None 
  • Lessons: 17 videos
  • Watch Time: 33 min 

Beginner Cross Country Ski Lesson - Videos

Know before you go

Step 1 of 17

Putting on your equipment & basic stance

Step 2 of 17

Getting up after falling on the flats

Step 3 of 17

Star Turns

Step 4 of 17

Moving Forward - Basic Double Pole

Step 5 of 17

Snowplow Stops (Flats)

Step 6 of 17

Snowplow Bubbles (Flats)

Step 7 of 17

Snowplow Turns (Flats)

Step 8 of 17

Safety Skills for the Classic Tracks

Step 9 of 17

Side Stepping and Side Slipping

Step 10 of 17

Straight Run Downhill

Step 11 of 17

Getting up after falling on a hill

Step 12 of 17

Herringbone Technique

Step 13 of 17

Snowplow Bubbles (Hills)

Step 14 of 17

Snowplow Turns (Hills)

Step 15 of 17

Half Snowplow

Step 16 of 17

Kick Turn (Bonus!)

Step 17 of 17

What to do next


I hope you enjoyed your first day on cross-country skis!

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