What time is it Mr. Wolf?

Goal:  Turn skiers into wolves.

Players:  3 – 20

Equipment:  Flat stadium marked by four cones, about 50M long, no poles.   

Setup:  Mark start and end with two cones each.  One wolf (coach) faces away from starting skiers, students line up at the start line facing the wolf.  Game begins when students call out, “what time is it Mr. Wolf”.  The wolf responds with a number from 1 – 12.  The time is equal to the number of steps students may take which they say out loud (classic or skate).  If the wolf responds, “its dinner time” instead of a number, the students race back to the start while the wolf chases them.  Tagging skiers converts them to wolves, the process repeats.    

Rules:  At the end of the steps, the skiers must stop immediately, the wolf can capture them if they continue to glide.  The wolf can turn at any point and skiers must stop.  If a skier is tagged, they must join the wolf pack.    

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank to all of the athletes from the Fondeurs Laurentides cross country ski club for their time and enthusiasm in participating in the creation of these videos, filmed in the Laurentians north of Montreal, Quebec.

Credits: This course was produced in partnership with Nordiq Canada and was filmed spring 2019 in Québec.

Coach: Stephen Novosad, Coach Development Manager, Nordiq Canada.