Rock, Paper, Scissors

Set Up

  • 2 players
  • 2-3 cones, water bottle, etc

Level 1

In the first level, the opponents face each other, kneeling.

Decide which cone belongs to which player. Play a round of rock paper scissors, and then you race to touch the cone belonging to the winning player. Whoever touches first, wins, regardless of who won the round of rock paper scissors.

Level 2

Spread the cones further apart and start in a standing  position. Now you have to take a few steps to reach the cone.

You can either just race to the winner’s cone, or, as we’ve done here, you can add a centre cone so the players have to run to the winner’s cone and back to the start in order to win the round.

Level 3

Add to the challenge by mixing up the start position and/or how the players move to the cones.

So, for example, you might have the players lay down facing each other to play the round of rock paper scissors, then jump up and run. You can also mix up how they can travel to the cones and back, for example, they have to crawl frontwards or backwards or they have to hop, instead of running

You can play this with water bottles or other objects like sticks or stones, so it’s a really fun activity to mix into a workout because it’s so flexible. So, for example, say you’re on a long run and the athletes are getting too spread out, the faster runners can play this while they wait for the slower runners to catch up.

Start Position Ideas

  • athletic stance
  • sitting or standing back to back
  • “track sprinter” start position
  • seated, toes touching
  • half kneeling
  • sitting cross-legged
  • push up position, etc

Movement/Locomotion Ideas

  • side shuffling
  • run
  • hop
  • skip
  • crawl
  • jump, etc