Olivia’s Backstory (2016-2019)

Course Overview:

Olivia Bouffard-Nesbitt is a Canadian cross-country skier, formally on the National team and skiing at the World Cup level. Olivia is one of the original XC Ski Nation athletes and you can see her in many of the videos on this website.

We first filmed Olivia’s ski technique in March 2016. The following winter Olivia was injured in a car accident and a few months later she was sent home from World Championships with major back pain and injury.

This is the story of what happened to Olivia between spring 2016 and now (fall 2019). In many ways, it’s a cautionary tale and a dramatic example of how important posture is to health, injury prevention and performance. Without the impetus of the injury, she likely wouldn’t have had the patience and perseverance required to improve her posture, both in her everyday life and in her ski technique.

Nordic skiing is filled with examples of top skiers with appalling posture, both on skis and off. There’s also a relatively high incidence of back pain in cross-country skiers, even in younger athletes.

We hope this story inspires you to take more care with your posture. As you’ll see in these videos, it will transform your ski technique and may lead to unexpected and much welcome improvements to performance and injury prevention.

We wish to extend the warmest thanks to Olivia for bravely sharing this very personal story.

Athlete Credit

Olivia Bouffard-Nesbitt. Olivia’s Notable Results:

  • 2015 – U23 World Championships, Almaty, KAZ: 21 (Sprint C)
  • 2015 – U23 World Championships, Almaty, KAZ: 17 (10km F)
  • 2015 – U23 World Championships, Almaty, KAZ: 12 (Skiathlon)