Moving Bridges

Goal: Ski through arches made by pairs of skiers without falling.   

Players: Pairs of skiers – any group size

Equipment: Slight downhill slope.  Pairs of skiers.    

Setup:  Pairs of skiers form a bridge while facing uphill using their hands and arms as the bridge.  The next pair forms the next bridge down the hill from the first and so on.  Two skiers start at the top of the hill.

Rules:  The first two skiers ski down the hill standing up until they go under a bridge where they crouch down, then stand up and crouch through the next bridge.  When both skier make the bottom of the hill, All bridges move up the hill and the top bridge now ski down through the bridges forming the bottom bridge at the bottom of the hill.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank to all of the athletes from the Fondeurs Laurentides cross country ski club for their time and enthusiasm in participating in the creation of these videos, filmed in the Laurentians north of Montreal, Quebec.

Credits: This course was produced in partnership with Nordiq Canada and was filmed spring 2019 in Québec.

Coach: Stephen Novosad, Coach Development Manager, Nordiq Canada.