Get Started Cross Country Skiing – Video Course for Beginners

Getting started in cross-country skiing can be overwhelming.

There’s a lot to learn and many decisions to make. Will you skate or classic ski? What gear should you buy? How does waxing work? How does classic skiing work? How does skate skiing work?

But finally, you have some gear and you are ready to go. Now you’re wondering, what should you do on your first day?

This lesson plan will take you, step by step, through the process of getting used to moving around on cross-country skis, with your feet sliding underneath you in a way that will be quite unfamiliar, even if you have experience with downhill skiing because cross-country skis are much lighter and more unstable than alpine skis.

You can do this entire lesson on either skate or classic skis.

The video includes about 20 drills and activities and will take about an hour to work through. By the end of this video course, you will feel comfortable moving around on cross-country skis on the flats and up and down hills.

The focus of this course is basic skills and safety. It’s not about going miles and miles – not yet, but soon. Right now it’s about gaining confidence and learning the core skills you need to move across varying terrain on skinny, sliding skis.

Once you complete these activities you will have an excellent foundation for then continuing to learn the skills and techniques specific to skate or classic skiing.

What to do next

If you aren’t yet a subscriber, Join Nordic Ski Lab. We can help you climb the learning curve quickly and get you off to an excellent start. You won’t waste time feeling confused or learning out-of-date techniques.

We have a large selection of expert demo videos, step by step beginner progressions and loads of skate skiing drills and classic skiing drills. Check out the member dashboard to get an idea of the scope of what we offer.

Congratulations on starting your journey! You’ll love this sport!

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