Easter Egg Hunt

Goal:  Pick up balls and deposit them in buckets while moving.

Players: 3 – 20

Equipment: Wide downhill slope, no poles.   Six cones, two buckets plus 20 or more tennis balls. 

Setup:  Place a line of cones at the bottom as a stopping line.  Place two buckets on either end of the stop line.  Place balls on the ground strewn across the trail randomly.   

Rules:  All skiers start at the top, send down one or several skiers at a time.   Each skier must reach down and pick up two balls skiing down the hill.  They then deposit the balls in each bucket and ski to the top to repeat.  If sufficient space, two teams can compete on separate trails. 

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank to all of the athletes from the Fondeurs Laurentides cross country ski club for their time and enthusiasm in participating in the creation of these videos, filmed in the Laurentians north of Montreal, Quebec.

Credits: This course was produced in partnership with Nordiq Canada and was filmed spring 2019 in Québec.

Coach: Stephen Novosad, Coach Development Manager, Nordiq Canada.