Cross the River

These are a couple of variations of a game called cross the river. The colour circles are called agility dots or poly spots. They’re made of heavy, rubber like material and you can find them online.

Set up cones to mark the banks of the river, as far apart as you like. Each player needs two dots and they use them as lily pads to cross the river. You win by being the first across, with your lily pads.

You can also play this in teams, where the team has to get all their players across to win. In that case you need one dot per player, plus one extra for each team.


  1. Mark your start and finish lines (the banks of the river)
  2. The agility dots are “lily pads”
  3. The goal is to cross the river, stepping on lily pads and not getting your feet “wet” by touching the ground

You can also play this with teams. Each team has a pad for every player, plus one extra pad. They work together to get the entire team safely across the river.