Chase the Tail Relay

Set Up

  • Large Field ~100 m long
  • 2 – 3 Teams, ~12 players per team
  • 12-15 cones per team
  • Cones in a line, ~1.5 m spacing
  • Technique: works better with skate
  • No poles

Goal:  Win by carrying cones from one end of a field to the other end while maintaining equal spacing between cones throughout the game.    

Players:  2-3 teams of up to 12/team.  

Equipment: 12-15 tall cones/team: large field ~100M long.  End zone marker or line.    

Setup: Skate skis, no poles.  Place cones in a line toward the end zone spaced equally, about two feet apart.  Players line up with cones starting 10-20ft away from the first cone.  

Rules:  The first skier sprints to their line of cones picking up any two cones, then, continue to ski to the end of the row.  Place both cones upright and in line while maintaining equal spacing.  First skier returns getting in the back of their team’s line.  The next skier in line follows the first as soon as the first skier picks up their two cones.  All skiers ski in rotation together to move their cones, and themselves, across the end zone.      

no internet? download videos (low res)