Chase the Tail Relay

Set Up

  • Large Field ~100 m long
  • 2 – 3 Teams, ~12 players per team
  • 12-15 cones per team
  • Cones in a line, ~1.5 m spacing
  • Technique: works better with skate
  • No poles


Goal: First team to get all players and cones across the finish line wins.

First player skis the length of the cones, picking up any 2. She places them down again on the ground at the end of the line, with similar spacing. The player then circles back and lines up behind her teammates.

Second player can start when the first player is a few metres out; they don’t need to wait for the first player to complete her turn. The goal is have everyone on the team skiing continuously, picking up and setting down cones, then circling back and repeating the process.

no internet? download videos (low res)