2. Upper Core: Flexibility, Strength & Efficiency


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Key Points

The term “upper core” refers to the head, neck, shoulders and upper back. This video covers:

  • How these body parts relate to one another and interact, both positively or sub-optimally.
  • The importance of maintaining mobility in the upper back and shoulders and the potential negative outcomes of tightness and poor mobility.
  • How to self-assess mobility in the upper core.
  • Exercises and strategies for improving mobility in the upper core.
  • Common injuries, issues and potential problems from tightness and lack of adequate mobility in the upper core.
  • Various ways to challenge and strengthen the upper core, especially with regards to maintain good shoulder positioning.
  • How to relate this information to poling positions and movements to ensure safe and efficient poling techniques.

About The Efficiency of Human Movement Seminar

This seminar covers the fundamentals of anatomy, posture and movement in relation to skiing and everyday healthy and efficient movement. It teaches principles you can apply to any situation to set yourself up for greater success.

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