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Nordic Ski Lab is a cost-effective way to learn at your own pace and access a wealth of skiing knowledge and advice. Even as a coach, I love referring to the videos for tips and advice.

Dasha Gaiazova Atkins - 2 x Olympian and coach

Highlights from our video library

Drills · Demos · Analysis
Classic Ski Drills

Our collection of drills and progressions is unmatched for clarity and creativity. Learn to optimize your skiing for a range of conditions.

Skate Ski Drills

We have innovative drills and lessons for skiers of all levels, taught by a variety of top Canadian athletes and coaches.

Techniques Explained

Chris Jeffries, Olympian and Canadian national coach, uses video of top skiers to breakdown and explain the biomechanics of all major Nordic ski techniques.

Expert Demos

Professional athletes demonstrate skate and classic skiing techniques, downhills skills, starting techniques and transitions. Slow motion makes it easy to study the details.

Technique Analysis for Members*

You have the option to submit videos of your skiing for technique feedback. Analyzed videos are available for all members to learn from.

*We can't guarantee we'll get to every video submitted, but we do our best.

And More...

Our video collection continues to evolve. We cover a wide range of topics related to Nordic ski technique, including biomechanics, rollerskiing, racing and more.


Nordic Ski Lab is the resource I most recommend for technically-oriented skiers and coaches. The website is continually updated to stay at the forefront of developments in ski technique and to promote best practices for efficiency and sustainability (healthy movement). I encourage every skier interested in expanding their abilities and knowledge to spend time exploring the site and discovering the numerous gems that will help them progress.

Stephen Novosad - Technical Coordinator, Coach Development, Nordiq Canada


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What's included?

Nordic Ski Lab has an extensive course library with hundreds of videos, including:

  • All Skate and Classic Ski Techniques Explained
  • Biomechanics for Performance and Injury Prevention
  • Current Technique Trends
  • Technique Analysis for Members (not guaranteed)
  • Dryland Training Ideas
  • Roller Skiing Drills and Advice
  • On Snow Drills and Lessons for Skiers of All Levels
  • Athlete and Coach Insights
  • Member-Only Forum
  • And more!

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What our members say...

New Skiers

"Is my Nordic Ski Lab membership helping me get results?

Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes! I came to the website as a novice and am already passing people on the trail."


"Nordic Ski Lab is a treasure trove of extraordinarily useful material that has helped ignite my newfound passion for this wonderful sport! I now understand the mechanics underlying good skating technique and that has made all the difference."


Experienced Skiers

"These guys make you see technical details that you don't see by yourself watching World Cup videos. After watching their offset video, I quickly realized some flaws in my technique, applied them and immediately saw massive improvement in my weekly uphill intervals."


"I just want to say that your website has meant a tremendous amount to me.  I am a life long skier who always struggled with skating technique, despite skiing Division 1 in college.  Now I understand the forces involved and consider myself a good skate skier.  I don’t know of another site that communicates skiing as well as yours, including the Norwegian videos!"



"I was so excited,  I shared your wonderful videos with some of my fellow XC ski coaches. They were impressed with your well-balanced approach to critiques.

As coaches, we always want to learn about new techniques, philosophies, and better ways to communicate. Your site has been very helpful. Thanks for all your hard work!"


"I really like the overall approach to delivery of everything you have accomplished..incredible video, very clear, thoughtful and polite (kindness always come to mind!) and truly expert commentary, effective use of Coach’s Eye app, which I am trying to emulate."


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