Ski Striding & Ski Bounding

Course Overview:

What is Ski Striding?

Ski Striding is a form of summer or dryland training for cross country skiing. The idea is to mimic skiing movements even though there’s no snow and you aren’t on skis or roller skis.

Pros and Cons of Ski Striding

The major limitation of ski striding is there’s no glide phase, which means you can only approximate on-snow ski technique. However, ski striding is still an excellent off season training tool for cross country skiers:

  • It’s a way to exercise the whole body at high intensity
  • It helps train the explosive actions of a strong kick

Risk of Injury

Just like every other nordic ski technique, the basic body position for ski striding is the athletic stance with a forward lean. When ski striding you are continuously falling forward, which is why it’s always done uphill.

Explosive, running-like movements uphill increase the risk of injury. Ski striding can lead to injuries such as pulled hamstrings, Achilles’ tendonitis, plantar fascitis etc. Adequate warm ups and extra mobility work can help mitigate the risk, but it’s still best to progress slowly. Often you won’t know if you’ve hurt yourself until the next day.

In This Course

In this course you’ll find a range of ski striding activities, including ways to mimic both skate and classic ski techniques, transitions and varying intensities.


This course was produced in partnership with Cross Country Canada Ski de Fond (CCC) and was filmed spring 2017 at the Canmore Nordic Centre.

Coach: Mike Vieira. At the time of recording Mike was Manager, Coaching Development, CCC.

Athlete: Dominique Moncion-Groulx, born 1993, racing with the Alberta World Cup Academy. Notable results at the time of recording:

  • 1st (qualifier and heats), 2017 Canadian Eastern Championships, Classic sprint
  • 1st qualifier, 3rd heats, 2017 Canadian Westerns Championships, Skate sprint
  • 3rd 2016-2017 Buff Sprint NorAm series
  • 5th 2016-2017 Haywood NorAm series
  • Representing Québec at the 2015 Canada Winter Games in Prince George and winning a silver medal in the relay