Learn Nordic Ski Striding

Step by step video lessons for learning the dryland cross-country ski training technique called Ski Striding.
  • Level: Beginner
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Lessons: 11
  • Watch Time: 11 min 

Ski Striding, also sometimes called Hill Striding, is a dryland ski technique that mimics the classic ski technique, Diagonal Stride.

This progression is designed for beginners or anyone who feels they don't "get" ski striding.

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Reference Video (silent demo)

Video Lessons:

Know before you go

Step 1 of 11

Flexed and forward

Step 2 of 11

Keep your feet under or behind you

Step 3 of 11

Put on your imaginary skis

Step 4 of 11

Enjoy the (pretend) glide

Step 5 of 11

Compress the (pretend) wax pocket

Step 6 of 11

Stride & swing

Step 7 of 11

Poles 1 - Holding

Step 8 of 11

Poles 2 - Dragging

Step 9 of 11

Poles 3 - Pushing

Step 10 of 11

Smooth it out

Step 11 of 11

What to do next


You learned Ski Striding! 

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