Hopping Drills

Game Idea

Call Out: The leader calls out directions for the athletes to jump (left, right, back, front). Make it more difficult by calling directions more rapidly. It’s hard to hop when you aren’t sure what direction you’ll need to go.


So, from those actual side to side weight shift movements, we’ll now move into hopping. Same nice, active ready position. Start by hopping on two skis. You can again add speed, amplitude, lateral movement. Once you’ve mastered these, you can change from one foot to the other with the same amplitude, speed and lateral movement on one foot. You can also move in various directions. Side to side, front and back.

One thing we like to do with our athletes is just call out different directional movements. Left, left, front, back. So they can’t anticipate what you’re going to say. Keeps them very agile. From here something more progressive. You can add spins. So start with small ones and work your way up to hopefully 360’s or more.

Other hopping activities: you can do more marching activities. Or work on being on one foot and switching and landing on the opposite foot. To work on balance and coordination at the same time. Basic hopping ideas.